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December 14, 2023

6705. Application and certification process

(a) General rule.–A person must file an application with the Office of Victim Advocate on a form prescribed by the Office of Victim Advocate. An application and any supporting documentation may be filed electronically, by mail or in person. The Office of Victim Advocate shall certify eligible applicants as program participants in accordance with the procedures outlined in subsection (b). Certification shall be valid for a period of three years following the date of certification unless the certification is withdrawn or canceled before the expiration of that period.

(b) Requirements for certification.–The Office of Victim Advocate shall certify an applicant as a program participant if:

(1) The applicant meets the eligibility requirements under section 6704 (relating to persons eligible to apply).

(2) The applicant designates the Office of Victim Advocate as an agent for the purpose of receiving service of process.

(3) The application contains the applicant’s actual address and telephone number where the applicant can be contacted.

(4) The application contains a list of all pending civil and criminal proceedings in which the applicant is a victim, witness, plaintiff or defendant and, if applicable, the applicant’s involvement with State and county probation and parole.

(5) The application contains a statement signed by the applicant affirming that the information provided by the applicant is true to the best of the applicant’s information, knowledge and belief.

(6) The application contains a statement signed by the applicant acknowledging that the applicant has a continuing duty to notify the Office of Victim Advocate of any change in the information provided to the Office of Victim Advocate in accordance with this chapter. The duty shall remain in effect for the duration of participation in the program.

(7) The application contains the date, the applicant’s signature and the signature of any person who assisted in the preparation of the application.