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September 25, 2021

455.510. Filings--information required from petitioner

1. When the court is unavailable after business hours or on holidays or weekends, a verified petition for protection from abuse or a motion for hearing on violation of any order of protection under sections 455.500 to 455.538 may be filed before any available court in the city or county having jurisdiction to hear the petition. An ex parte order may be granted pursuant to section 455.513.

2. All papers in connection with the filing of a petition or the granting of an ex parte order of protection or a motion for a hearing on a violation of an order of protection under this section shall be certified by such court or the clerk within the next regular business day to the circuit court having jurisdiction to hear the petition.

3. A petitioner seeking a protection order for a child shall not be required to reveal any current address or place of residence of the child except to the court in camera for the purpose of determining jurisdiction and venue. The petitioner may be required to provide a mailing address unless the petitioner alleges that the child would be endangered by such disclosure, or that other household members would be endangered by such disclosure.