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September 25, 2021

455.073. Uniform forms for petitions and orders of protection

1. By July 1, 1996, the supreme court of the state of Missouri shall:

(1) Develop and adopt uniform forms for petitions and orders of protection; and
(2) Provide the forms to each circuit clerk.

2. The following statements shall be printed in bold faced type or in capital letters on the order of protection:

(1) “Violation of this order may be punished by confinement in jail for as long as five years and by a fine of as much as five thousand dollars”; and
(2) “If so ordered by the court, the respondent is forbidden to enter or stay at the petitioner’s residence”.

3. The form prescribed by the supreme court for the notice of hearing required by subsection 2 of section 455.040 shall list all potential relief that can be granted by the court in any proceeding pursuant to sections 455.010 to 455.085 as described in section 455.050, and shall advise the respondent that such relief may be granted if the court finds for the petitioner, or if the respondent defaults to the petition.

4. All orders of protection shall be issued on the form adopted pursuant to subsection 1 of this section.