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September 25, 2021

455.038. Petitioner for order of protection, notification of service

Every circuit clerk shall be responsible for providing information to individuals petitioning for ex parte orders of protection regarding notification of service of these orders of protection. Such notification to the petitioner is required if the petitioner has registered a telephone number with the victim notification system, established under subsection 3 of section 650.310. The petitioner shall be informed of his or her option to receive notification of service of an ex parte order of protection on the respondent by the circuit clerk and shall be provided information on how to receive notification of service of ex parte orders of protection. The local law enforcement agency or any other government agency responsible for serving ex parte orders of protection shall enter service information into the Missouri uniform law enforcement system or future secure electronic databases that are intended for law enforcement use within twenty-four hours after the ex parte order is served on the respondent or shall notify the circuit clerk when no more service attempts are planned by that agency. The provisions of this section shall only apply to those circuit clerks able to access a statewide victim notification system designed to provide notification of service of orders of protection.