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November 16, 2023

§ 362. Definitions

As used in this Part:

(1) “Abused parent” means the parent who has not committed family violence.

(2) “Court” means any district court, juvenile court, or family court having jurisdiction over the parents and/or child at issue.

(3) “Court-monitored domestic abuse intervention program” means a program, comprised of a minimum of twenty-six in-person sessions, that follows a model designed specifically for perpetrators of domestic abuse. The offender’s progress in the program shall be monitored by the court. The provider of the program shall have all of the following:

(a) Experience in working directly with perpetrators and victims of domestic abuse.

(b) Experience in facilitating batterer intervention groups.

(c) Training in the causes and dynamics of domestic violence, characteristics of batterers, victim safety, and sensitivity to victims.

(4) “Family violence” includes but is not limited to physical or sexual abuse and any offense against the person as defined in the Criminal Code of Louisiana, except negligent injuring and defamation, committed by one parent against the other parent or against any of the children. Family violence does not include reasonable acts of self-defense utilized by one parent to protect himself or herself or a child in the family from the family violence of the other parent.

(5) “Injunction” means a temporary restraining order or a preliminary or a permanent court ordered injunction, as defined in the Code of Civil Procedure, which prohibits the violent parent from in any way contacting the abused parent or the children except for specific purposes set forth in the injunction, which shall be limited to communications expressly dealing with the education, health, and welfare of the children, or for any other purpose expressly agreed to by the abused parent. All such injunctions shall prohibit the violent parent, without the express consent of the abused parent, from intentionally going within fifty yards of the home, school, place of employment, or person of the abused parent and the children, or within fifty feet of any of their automobiles, except as may otherwise be necessary for court ordered visitation or except as otherwise necessitated by circumstances considering the proximity of the parties’ residences or places of employment. Such injunctions shall be issued in the form of a Uniform Abuse Prevention Order and transmitted to the Louisiana Protective Order Registry, as required by this Part.

(6) “Sexual abuse” includes but is not limited to acts which are prohibited by R.S. 14:41, 42, 42.1, 43, 43.1, 43.2, 43.4, 78, 80, 81, 81.1, 81.2, 89 and 89.1.

(7) “Supervised visitation” means face-to-face contact between a parent and a child which occurs in the immediate presence of a supervising person approved by the court under conditions which prevent any physical abuse, threats, intimidation, abduction, or humiliation of either the abused parent or the child. The supervising person shall not be any relative, friend, therapist, or associate of the parent perpetrating family violence. With the consent of the abused parent, the supervising person may be a family member or friend of the abused parent. At the request of the abused parent, the court may order that the supervising person shall be a police officer or other competent professional. The parent who perpetrated family violence shall pay any and all costs incurred in the supervision of visitation. In no case shall supervised visitation be overnight or in the home of the violent parent.