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April 8, 2020

§ 2133. Jurisdiction; venue; standing

A. Any court in the state of Louisiana which is empowered to hear family or juvenile matters shall have jurisdiction over proceedings appropriate to it under this Part.

B. Venue lies:

(1) In the parish where the marital domicile is located or where the household is located.

(2) In the parish where the defendant resides.

(3) In the parish where the abuse is alleged to have been committed.

(4) In the parish where the petitioner resides.

(5) In the parish where an action for annulment of marriage or for a divorce could be brought pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure Article 3941(A).

C. Notwithstanding the venue provisions of Subsection B of this Section, in a judicial district comprised of multiple parishes, if a court determines that it is in the interest of justice to afford the parties a more expeditious hearing than current docketing scheduling would permit, or to comply with the time provisions provided for by this Part, a judge or hearing officer may conduct a hearing in any parish within the judicial district.

D. An adult may seek relief under this Part by filing a petition with the court alleging abuse by the defendant. Any parent, adult household member, or district attorney may seek relief on behalf of any minor child or any person alleged to be incompetent by filing a petition with the court alleging abuse by the defendant. A petitioner’s right to relief under this Part shall not be affected by leaving the residence or household to avoid further abuse.