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November 16, 2023

§ 2187. Privileged communications and records

A. For purposes of this Section:

(1) “Privileged communication” means a communication made to a representative or employee of a sexual assault center by a victim. It also means a communication not otherwise privileged made by a representative or employee of a sexual assault center to a victim in the course of rendering services authorized by R.S. 46:2186.

(2) “Sexual assault center” means a program established and accredited in accordance with the standards set by the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault.

(3) “Victim” means a person against whom an act of attempted or perpetrated sexual assault was committed.

B. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no person shall be required to disclose, by way of testimony or otherwise, a privileged communication, or to produce any records, documentary evidence, opinions, or decisions relating to such privileged communication, in connection with any civil or criminal proceeding.

C. Records relating to a privileged communication maintained by a sexual assault center shall not be public records, but such records may be used for the compilation of statistical data if the identity of the victim and the contents of any privileged communication are not disclosed.