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Legal Information: Kentucky

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of November 15, 2023

What protections can I get in an interpersonal protective order?

In a temporary or final interpersonal protective order, the judge can:

  1. order that the abuser not:
    • commit any acts of dating violence and abuse, stalking, or sexual assault;
    • contact you or another person;
    • throw away or damage any of your property or joint property;
    • come within 500 feet of you or another person;
    • come within a specific distance of your home, school, workplace, or other place you go to frequently; and
    • do anything else that the judge believes could put you in danger offuture acts of dating violence and abuse, stalking, or sexual assault;
  2. give you possession of any shared domestic animal;
  3. order that you and/or the abuser receive counseling services available in the community in cases of dating violence and abuse; and
  4. order the following if you you request them:
    • specifically state which communications are allowed and which are not allowed, which could mean limited communication is OK; and
    • allow you and the abuser to be in a common area together under limited circumstances with specific restrictions laid out by the judge.1

1 KRS §§ 456.040(2)(a)(1), (2)(a)(2); 456.060(1)