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Legal Information: Kentucky

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of November 15, 2023

Can I register my protection order if I do not have a certified copy?

It is possible to register your order without a certified copy but it is a more complicated process. To register an uncertified order, you can bring the uncertified copy to a courthouse in Kentucky where your order will be filed and will be considered valid for 14 days, which means it can be enforced during the 14-day period.  The clerk will contact the courthouse that issued your order and ask them to send a certified copy.  If a certified copy is not sent within the 14-day period, your order will be extended for another 14-day period.  However, Kentucky law says that if the Kentucky court does not receive a certified copy after the full 28 days have passed, your order will be considered expired and cannot be enforced.1 

You may want to check with the clerk of court before the 28 days have expired to make sure that the court received a certified copy of your order.  

If this your order does expire, you may be able file for a Kentucky domestic violence order if you qualify. You may want to get in touch with a local domestic violence organization in Kentucky for help with this process.  You can find contact information for local organizations on our KY Advocates and Shelters page.  

1 KRS § 403.7527(3)