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September 13, 2023

§ 1519. Modification or termination of decree or order; termination of alimony; enforcement of alimony order

(a) A decree or separate order entered under § 1518 of this title may be modified or terminated only as follows:

(1) Support for a child, only as provided in Chapter 5 of this title, or otherwise;

(2) Custody and/or visitation of a child, only as provided in Chapter 7 of this title, or otherwise;

(3) Property disposition, only upon a showing of circumstances that would justify the opening or vacation of a judgment under the Rules of the Superior Court of this State;

(4) Alimony or any other relief awarded, only upon a showing of real and substantial change of circumstances.

(b) Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing and expressly provided in the decree, the obligation to pay future alimony is terminated upon the death of either party or the remarriage of the party receiving alimony.

(c) Any alimony order entered pursuant to § 1512 of this title shall be enforced in this State exclusively by the Family Court in the county wherein the respondent resides or is found, or in the county where petitioner resides if respondent does not reside and cannot be found in this State, regardless of whether such petitioner was the petitioner or the respondent in the divorce action, and such Family Court, on proper showing of either of such petitioner or such respondent or on its own motion, may modify or terminate support obligations formerly decreed by the Superior Court.

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