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Estatutos Estatales Seleccionados: Delaware

Estatutos Seleccionados: Delaware

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8 de diciembre de 2020

§ 2331. Duties and rights of parents

(a) While a guardianship is in effect, the parent shall have the following rights:

(1) Visitation, contact and information, to the extent delineated in the guardianship order issued by the Court. A parent may petition the Court for specific enforcement of provisions of the order relating to contact, visitation or information; and

(2) Inheritance by and from the child.

(b) The parent shall have the primary responsibility to support the child financially.

(c) In the event the income and assets of the parent qualify the child for governmental benefits, the benefits may be conferred upon the child with payment to be made to the guardian. The provision of necessities by the guardian shall not disqualify the child for any benefit or entitlement.

(d) If the child has been in the custody of DSCYF immediately prior to the granting of a guardianship order, DSCYF shall have no further duty of support or care for the child after establishment of the guardianship unless DSCYF agrees in writing to that support.