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November 17, 2020

7-3-507. Petition for order of protection; contents; requisites; indigent petitioners

(a) A petition for an order of protection for a victim may be filed by:
(i) The victim;
(ii) If the victim consents, the district attorney on behalf of the victim; or
(iii) Any person with legal authority to act on behalf of the victim if the victim is:
(A) A minor;
(B) A vulnerable adult as defined in W.S. 35-20-102(a)(xviii);
(C) Any other adult who, because of age, disability, health or inaccessibility, cannot file the petition.
(b) The petition shall be accompanied or supplemented by one (1) or more sworn affidavits setting out specific facts showing the alleged stalking or sexual assault and the identity of the alleged perpetrator.
(c) No filing fee shall be charged for the filing of a petition under this section nor shall a fee be charged for service of process.
(d) The attorney general shall promulgate a standard petition form which may be used by petitioners. The clerk of the circuit or district court shall make standard petition forms available to petitioners, with instructions for completion, without charge. If the petition is not filed by the district attorney, the court may appoint an attorney to represent an indigent petitioner. Nothing in this subsection shall prevent the victim from hiring an attorney or filing a petition pro se.
(e) A petition may be filed under this section whether or not the individual who is alleged to have engaged in a course of conduct prohibited under W.S. 6-2-506 or engaged in the conduct specified in W.S. 7-3-506(a)(iii) has been charged or convicted for the alleged crime.