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November 17, 2020

20-2-105. Divorce action for insanity; when permitted; conditions to bringing action; liability for support

(a) A divorce may be granted when either party has become incurably insane and the insane person has been confined in a mental hospital of this state or of another state or territory for at least two (2) years immediately preceding the commencement of the action for divorce.

(b) Upon the filing of a verified complaint showing that a cause of action exists under this section, the district court shall appoint some person to act as guardian of the insane person in the action. The summons and complaint in the action shall be served upon the defendant by delivering a copy of the summons and complaint to the guardian and to the county attorney of the county in which the action is brought.

(c) The county attorney upon whom the summons and complaint is served shall appear for and defend the defendant in the action. No divorce shall be granted under this section except in the presence of the county attorney.

(d) In any action brought under this section, the district courts possess all the powers relative to the payment of alimony, the distribution of property and the care, custody and maintenance of the children of the parties as in other actions for divorce.

(e) Costs in the action, as well as the actual expenses of the county attorney and the expenses and fees of the guardian, shall be paid by the plaintiff. The expenses of the county attorney and expenses and fees of the guardian shall be fixed and allowed by the court, and the court may make such order as to the payment of fees and expenses as may seem proper.