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November 17, 2020

20-2-112. Examination concerning property interests; enforcement of court orders; temporary custody of children

(a) In a proceeding for divorce, the court may cause the attendance of either party and compel an answer under oath concerning his property, rights or interests, or money that he may have or money due or to become due to him from others, and make such order thereon as is just and equitable. To enforce its orders concerning alimony, temporary or permanent, or property or pecuniary interests, the court may require security for obedience thereto, or may enforce the orders by attachment, commitment, injunction or by other means.

(b) On the application of either party, the court may make such order concerning the care and custody of the minor children of the parties and their suitable maintenance during the pendency of the action as is proper and necessary and may enforce its order and decree in the manner provided in subsection (a) of this section. The party applying for the order shall notify the court of any known protection or custody orders issued on behalf of the parties from any other court. The court shall consider evidence of spouse abuse or child abuse as being contrary to the best interest of the children. If the court finds that family violence has occurred, the court shall make arrangements for visitation during temporary custody that best protect the children and the abused spouse from further harm.