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November 17, 2020

35-21-107. Emergency assistance by law enforcement officers; limited liability

(a) A person who allegedly has been a victim of domestic abuse may request the assistance of a local law enforcement agency.

(b) A local law enforcement officer responding to the request for assistance may take whatever steps are reasonably necessary to protect the victim from further domestic abuse, including:

(i) Advising the victim of the remedies available under this act and the availability of shelter, medical care, counseling and other services;

(ii) Providing or arranging for transportation of the victim to a medical facility or place of shelter;

(iii) Accompanying the victim to the residence to remove the victim’s personal clothing and effects required for immediate needs and the clothing and personal effects of any children then in the care of the victim;

(iv) Arresting the abusing household member when appropriate;

(v) Advising the victim, when appropriate, of the procedure for initiating proceedings under this act or criminal proceedings and the importance of preserving evidence.

(c) Any law enforcement officer responding to a request for assistance under this act is immune from civil liability when complying with the request, providing [that] the officer acts in good faith and in a reasonable manner.