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December 3, 2020

What are other factors that may limit a parent's right to decision-making or residential parenting time?

A judge may limit a parent’s contact or responsibilities with the child if any of the following factors exist:

  1. neglect or non-performance of parenting functions;
  2. a long-term emotional/physical impairment that interferes with parenting functions;
  3. a long term impairment from substance abuse that interferes with parenting functions;
  4. absence/impairment of emotional ties between parent and child;
  5. the use of conflict by the parent, which creates the danger of serious damage to child’s psychological development;
  6. a parent has withheld the other parent’s access to the child for a long period of time without good cause; and/or
  7. other factors that may negatively affect the child.1

1 R.C.W. § 26.09.191(3)