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Legal Information: Utah

Restraining Orders

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November 19, 2020

Step 3: A judge will review your application

After you finish filling out your application, bring it to the court clerk. The clerk will forward it to a judge. The judge may wish to ask you questions as s/he reviews your petition. The judge will decide whether or not to issue the ex parte order.

If the judge grants you an ex parte order, the court clerk will give you a copy of the order. Review the order before you leave the courthouse to make sure that the information is correct. If something is wrong or missing, ask the clerk to correct the order before you leave. Be sure to keep the order with you at all times. You may want to keep copies in your car, workplace, or child’s daycare.

If you seek a full protective order, the judge will set a date for a hearing within 20 days.1 You will be given papers that state the time and date of your hearing for a full protective order.

1 UT ST § 78B-7-604(1)(a)