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Legal Information: Utah

Restraining Orders

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November 19, 2020

Can I modify the order?

If you want to have your order changed (modified), you will have to go back to the court where you received the order and file a motion for another hearing. See the Utah Courts website for the necessary form to modify a protective order.

The court can immediately grant the modification without the abuser (ex parte) if it is necessary to protect you or your children. Otherwise, the judge will set a date for a hearing where you can make your case for why you are requesting the modification.1 Remember, if the judge does not grant your modification ex parte, you can still request a full hearing on your motion within five days from when the judge denies your petition. Before the hearing, the abuser will be served with a copy of the motion and a request to be present at the hearing.2 You must attend this hearing and tell the judge why the change is necessary.

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