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November 5, 2020

What is a parenting coordinator?

A parenting coordinator is a third party that helps the parties come to an agreement about parenting issues.1 A judge may assign someone to a case if the parents or persons acting in the capacity of parents cannot come to an agreement about parenting issues. You do not need to wait for the judge to assign a parenting coordinator; you can request one if you think it would help.

Generally, a judge will order a parenting coordinator only if the parties have repeatedly brought legal action against one another and have trouble communicating with one another.

If you do not want a parenting coordinator to get involved because there has been a history of family violence against you or your child, you can make a written objection to the judge. A hearing will be held if the other parent still wants to have a parenting coordinator involved. After the hearing, if the judge decides to appoint a parenting coordinator, the judge must take precautions to protect you from emotional and/or physical harm. For example, you might be placed in a separate room from the abuser when you meet with a parenting coordinator.2

There is a fee to meet with the parenting coordinator. The payment is shared by both parties. If the parties cannot pay the fee, the judge may be able to find a volunteer to act as a parenting coordinator.3

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