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Restraining Orders

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November 8, 2022

How do I extend, change, or cancel my order of protection?

A judge can extend your order of protection if you file a motion asking for an extension and can prove “good cause” for the extension. The respondent has the right to a hearing on the extension of an order within thirty days of the date upon which the order will expire.

If you need to change your order of protection, you will need to return to court and file a motion to modify.2 

If you want to cancel (terminate) your order of protection, you can file a motion to terminate the order. If you and the abuser get back together (reconcile), the judge can grant an order of dismissal without a hearing if you appear personally in court, show proper identification, and sign a written request to dismiss based on the reconciliation.1

1 S.C. Code § 20-4-70(A)
2 S.C. Code § 20-4-70(C)

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