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Legal Information: Puerto Rico


December 13, 2019

Can the child's grandparents, uncles or aunts get visitation?

After the break-up of the nuclear family (whether due to death of one of the parents, divorce, separation or annulment), the law states that the parent or person with legal custody cannot prevent the child from having a relationship with his/her grandparents or uncles/aunts unless s/he has a fair reason to do so. The same holds true in a situation where the child’s parents were never married.

If the parent or person with legal custody denies a relationship between the minor and the grandparents or uncles/aunts, then the relative who wants to see the child can file in court for visitation and the judge will decide whether to grant it or not based upon the best interests of the child.1

1 31 L.P.R.A § 591a