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Legal Information: Puerto Rico


November 25, 2023

Can the child's grandparents, uncles or aunts get visitation?

Under Puerto Rico law, parents with legal custody are the ones to decide if the child can visit with other people in or outside of the family and the judge will generally assume that it is the right decision. However, someone who was denied visitation can file a petition in court to request visitation. If the person can prove with clear and convincing evidence that there are other considerations that should be accounted for, a judge might be able to overrule the parent’s decision and order visitation. The judge could consider, for example, if the relationship between the child and the person seeking visitation is important for the child’s development, or if the child has been under the temporary care of the person requesting visitation. Still, even if the judge ordered visitation, the parents would be the ones to decide on the timing and place of visitation, considering the best interests of the child.1

1 31 L.P.R.A. § 7332