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November 9, 2020

Do I need to tell the court in New York if I move?

New York does not require you to tell the court if you move. However, it can be helpful for the court to have your new address so that they can let you know if anything changes with your order of protection.

If you choose to provide your new address to the court, you should be sure to let the court employee who is helping you that your address is confidential. The court should then note in the file that the address is confidential so that the public will not have access to it. However, your new address could possibly be released to court officials in your new state or law enforcement officials in either New York or your new state. If you feel unsafe giving your new address, you can use the address of a friend you trust or a P.O. Box instead.

If you have already asked that the court keep your New York address confidential, you must notify the clerk (or the neutral party who serves as your agent for service of process purposes) of your change of address.1

1 NY Fam Ct Act §154-b(2)(d)