Legal Information: New York

New York Housing Laws

December 31, 2021

Who is protected under this housing law?

This housing law could protect you if you are a tenant in a rental unit and you or a member of your household:

  • is a victim of domestic violence; and
  • reasonably fears staying in the leased housing because of possible domestic violence in the future.1

1 NY Real Prop § 227-c(1)

What protections does this law offer?

If you are a person who is protected under this law, you may be able to:

  • end your lease early without penalty; and
  • be free from your responsibility to pay rent to your landlord for the rest of the lease period.1

1 NY Real Prop § 227-c(1)

If I get my lease terminated, how will this affect my roommates?

If you are the only person on the lease, the rental property will return to the landlord or the owner. Your roommates cannot be living in the property when your lease ends, but you are not responsible for getting the abuser to leave.1

If your roommates are also on the lease, the landlord cannot end their right to live in the property because you terminate your responsibility on the lease. The landlord must allow them 30 days to decide whether they want to have their lease terminated as well or if they want to stay. If they do not end their lease, the remaining roommates have the option of adding a new person to live at the property.2

1 NY Real Prop § 227-c(4)(a)
2 NY Real Prop § 227-c(4)(b)

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