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Legal Information: North Dakota

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of December 28, 2023

Step 1: Go to a certified domestic violence advocate or to the district court and request a petition.

Most protection orders in North Dakota come through the help of a certified domestic violence advocate.  In fact, if you contact the court directly, you may be referred to the closest domestic violence program for help.  See ND Advocates and Shelters for the location of an organization near you.

However, you may choose to get an attorney or seek an order by yourself.  This is always your right.  If you choose to seek the order yourself, go to a district court in your area.  You can find a court near you by going to our ND Courthouse Locations page.

Find the civil court clerk.  The clerk is the courthouse official in charge of records.  Request an application for a domestic violence protection order from the clerk.  Also tell the clerk if you want a temporary ex parte order.  Usually you apply for these at the same time.  Read more about temporary ex parte orders.   You can find links to applications online by going to Download Court Forms.