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June 26, 2020

61/30. Voting by program participant; use of designated address by election authority.

(a) A program participant who is otherwise qualified to vote may apply to vote under Article 20 of the Election Code. The program participant shall automatically receive absentee ballots for all elections in the jurisdictions for which that individual resides in the same manner as absentee voters who qualify under Article 20 of the Election Code. The Attorney General shall adopt rules to ensure the integrity of the voting process and the confidentiality of the program participant. The election authority shall transmit the absentee ballot to the program participant at the address designated by the participant in his or her application. Neither the name nor the address of a program participant shall be included in any list of registered voters available to the public.
(b) The election authority may not make the participant’s address contained in voter registration records available for public inspection or copying except under the following circumstances:
(1) if requested by a law enforcement agency, to the law enforcement agency; and
(2) if directed by a court order, to a person identified in the order.