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June 26, 2020

22/218.5. Modification; reopening of orders

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this Section, upon motion by the petitioner, the court may modify an emergency or plenary civil no contact order by altering the remedy, subject to Section 213.

(b) After 30 days following entry of a plenary civil no contact order, a court may modify that order only when a change in the applicable law or facts since that plenary order was entered warrants a modification of its terms.

(c) Upon 2 days’ notice to the petitioner, or such shorter notice as the court may prescribe, a respondent subject to an emergency civil no contact order issued under this Act may appear and petition the court to rehear the original or amended petition. Any petition to rehear shall be verified and shall allege the following:

(1) that the respondent did not receive prior notice of the initial hearing in which the emergency order was entered under Sections 209 and 214; and

(2) that the respondent had a meritorious defense to the order or any of its remedies or that the order or any of its remedies was not authorized by this Act.