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June 26, 2020

60/222.5. Filing of an order of protection issued in another state

(a) A person entitled to protection under an order of protection issued by the court of another state, tribe, or United States territory may file a certified copy of the order of protection with the clerk of the court in a judicial circuit in which the person believes that enforcement may be necessary.
(b) The clerk shall:
(1) treat the foreign order of protection in the same manner as a judgment of the circuit court for any county of this State in accordance with the provisions of the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act, except that the clerk shall not mail notice of the filing of the foreign order to the respondent named in the order; and
(2) on the same day that a foreign order of protection is filed, file a certified copy of that order with the sheriff or other law enforcement officials charged with maintaining Department of State Police records as set forth in Section 222 of this Act.
(c) Neither residence in this State nor filing of a foreign order of protection shall be required for enforcement of the order by this State. Failure to file the foreign order shall not be an impediment to its treatment in all respects as an Illinois order of protection.
(d) The clerk shall not charge a fee to file a foreign order of protection under this Section.
(e) The sheriff shall inform the Department of State Police as set forth in Section 302 of this Act.