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November 7, 2023

1-2301. Small claims department--Creation--Scope of claims--Venue

In every magistrate’s division of the district court of this state, the district court may create and organize a “Small Claims Department of the Magistrate’s Division,” which shall have jurisdiction in cases for the recovery of money where the amount of each claim does not exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000), and in cases for the recovery of personal property where the value of the property does not exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000); provided however, that the small claims department shall not award punitive damages or damages for pain or suffering in any proceeding. Any action brought in a small claims department of the magistrate’s division shall be brought in the magistrate’s division in the county where the defendant resides or the county where the cause of action arose. A defendant may request a change of venue if an action is brought in an improper county.