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Legal Information: Hawaii

Workplace Protections

Laws current as of January 11, 2024

Can my employer harass me or tell other co-workers about my situation?

The law requires that your employer keep your domestic or sexual violence situation strictly confidential – this includes any documents that you give to your employer, any statements that you make to him/her, and the fact that you or your child is a victim.1 For example, your employer cannot tell your co-workers, your clients, or other employers that you took time off from work because of a domestic or sexual violence issue. The employer can only discuss your domestic or sexual violence situation if:

  • you (as the employee) request it;
  • you consent to it;
  • it is ordered by a court or administrative agency; or
  • it is required by federal or state law.1

1 H.R.S. § 378-72(i)