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April 5, 2024

§ 16-831.03. Action for custody of a child by a de facto parent

(a) A de facto parent may file a complaint for custody of a child or a motion to intervene in any existing action involving custody of the child.

(b) An individual who establishes that he or she is a de facto parent by clear and convincing evidence shall be deemed a parent for the purposes of §§ 16-911, 16-914, 16-914.01, and 16-916, and for the purposes of this chapter if a third party is seeking custody of the child of the de facto parent.

(c)(1) All proceedings involving a parent and a de facto parent, including an action for child support, shall be governed by §§ 16-911, 16-914, 16-914.01, and 16-916.

(2) A custody proceeding involving a third party and a de facto parent shall be governed by the provisions of this chapter.