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April 5, 2024

§ 16-1053. Composition of the Board; procedural requirements.

(a) The Mayor shall appoint one representative from each of the following District agencies:

(1) Metropolitan Police Department;

(2) Office of the Chief Medical Examiner;

(3) Office of the Attorney General;

(4) Department of Corrections;

(5) Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department;

(6) Department of Behavioral Health;

(7) Department of Health;

(8) Child and Family Services Agency;

(9) Mayor’s Commission on Violence Against Women; and

(10) The Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants.

(b) The Mayor shall appoint, or request the designation of, members from federal, judicial, and private agencies or entities with expertise in domestic violence, to include one representative from each of the following:

(1) Superior Court of the District of Columbia;

(2) Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia;

(3) District of Columbia hospitals;

(4) University legal clinics;

(5) Domestic violence housing organizations;

(6) Domestic violence advocacy organizations; and

(7) The federally recognized state coalition for domestic violence.

(c) The Mayor shall additionally appoint 8 community representatives, none of whom shall be employees of the District, in accordance with § 1-523.01(f).

(d) Governmental appointees shall serve at the will of the Mayor, or of the federal or judicial body designating their availability for appointment. Community representatives shall serve for 3-year terms.

(e) Vacancies in membership shall be filled in the same manner in which the original appointment was made.

(f) The Board shall select a Chairperson according to rules set forth by the Board.(g) The Board shall establish quorum and other procedural requirements as it considers necessary.