Legal Information: Alabama


June 12, 2018

Do I need a lawyer?

While you have a right to file for custody without an attorney, it may be difficult for you to file a proper petition without the help of a lawyer.

Child custody cases are often very complicated.  The laws that control custody cases, the procedures involved, and the specific relevant facts can become very confusing to parents.  An experienced lawyer could be very helpful to you in your case. 

Be aware that court officials in some counties may tell you that you cannot file without hiring an attorney and some judges may be harder to work with if you do not have one.   Also, if the other parent has a lawyer, this may make it more difficult for you.  To find a lawyer or legal aid program in your area, please visit the AL Finding a Lawyer page.  If you and your children are victims of domestic violence, you might want to ask the attorney you are considering about his or her experience with child custody cases and with issues of domestic violence.