Legal Information: Alabama


June 12, 2018

What are some pros and cons of getting a custody order?

There are many reasons people choose not to get a custody order from a court. Some people decide not to get a custody order because they do not want to get the courts involved. Some parents make an informal agreement that works well for them. Some parents may think going to court will provoke the other parent, or they are worried that the other parent might get custody or visitation.

However, getting a custody order from a court can give you certain legal rights. Getting a custody order can give you:

  • The right to make decisions about your child
  • The right to physical custody of your child (to have your child live with you)
  • Protection for you and your child against having the other parent using these rights against you.

Without a custody order, both parents may in theory share these legal rights, even if you were never married.