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Preparing for Court - By Yourself

This section is an ongoing project of There is information available now and we will be adding more as it becomes available. We are in the process of updating this entire section with more information that will be helpful for people who represent themselves in court. We hope you find the information that is here helpful and please check back soon for updates - it is a work in progress.

This page includes links to court forms in each state. Not all court forms are available online, but you may also find forms from the clerk of court at your local courthouse.
A brief description of what the whole Preparing for Court - By Yourself section is about and some resources on other ways you can educate yourself before court.
Basic legal definitions and other information that may be important to a person who is thinking about starting a court case.
Information on how to start a court case, drafting and filing a petition or complaint, and serving the other party.
Explains what happens at a protection order hearing and some tips on how to prepare. Although it is geared towards protection order cases, the general principles may be useful for pro se litigants in other types of cases as well, such as custody cases.
General information about what you can do after the trial if you are not happy with the outcome, including appeals and other options.