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: Nevada

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6 de agosto de 2021

33.570. Requirements for issuance of ex parte order; availability of court; court to inform applicant and adverse party upon transfer of information to Central Repository

1. The court shall issue an emergency order if the court finds by a preponderance of the evidence from facts shown by a verified application filed pursuant to NRS 33.560:

(a) That a person poses an imminent risk of causing a self-inflicted injury or a personal injury to another person by possessing, controlling, purchasing or otherwise acquiring any firearm;

(b) The person engaged in high-risk behavior; and

(c) Less restrictive options have been exhausted or are not effective.

2. The court may require the person who filed the verified application or the adverse party, or both, to appear before the court before determining whether to issue an emergency order.

3. An emergency order may be issued with or without notice to the adverse party.

4. The clerk of the court shall inform the applicant and the adverse party upon the successful transfer of information concerning the registration to the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History as required pursuant to NRS 33.095.