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Estatutos Estatales Seleccionados: Nebraska

Estatutos Seleccionados: Nebraska

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30 de octubre de 2020

42-1204. Substitute address; application to Secretary of State; approval; certification; renewal; prohibited acts; violation; penalty

(1) An adult, a parent or guardian acting on behalf of a minor, or a guardian acting on behalf of an incapacitated person as defined in section 30-2601 may apply to the Secretary of State to have an address designated by the Secretary of State serve as the substitute address of such adult, minor, or incapacitated person. The Secretary of State shall approve an application if it is filed in the manner and on the form prescribed by the Secretary of State and if it contains:
(a) A sworn statement by the applicant that the applicant has good reason to believe (i) that the applicant, or the minor or incapacitated person on whose behalf the application is made, is a victim of abuse, sexual assault, or stalking or is a trafficking victim and (ii) that the applicant fears for his or her safety, his or her children’s safety, or the safety of the minor or incapacitated person on whose behalf the application is made;
(b) A designation of the Secretary of State as agent for purposes of service of process and receipt of mail;
(c) The mailing address and the telephone number or numbers where the applicant can be contacted by the Secretary of State;
(d) The new address or addresses that the applicant requests not be disclosed for the reason that disclosure will increase the risk of abuse, sexual assault, stalking, or trafficking; and
(e) The signature of the applicant and of any individual or representative of any office designated in writing under section 42-1209 who assisted in the preparation of the application and the date on which the applicant signed the application.
(2) Applications shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State.
(3) Upon filing a properly completed application, the Secretary of State shall certify the applicant as a program participant. Such certification shall be valid for four years following the date of filing unless the certification is withdrawn or invalidated before that date. The Secretary of State may by rule and regulation establish a renewal procedure.
(4) A person who falsely attests in an application that disclosure of the applicant’s address would endanger the applicant, the applicant’s children, or the minor or incapacitated person on whose behalf the application is made, or who knowingly provides false or incorrect information upon making an application, is guilty of a Class II misdemeanor.