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Información Legal: Alaska

Restraining Orders

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7 de diciembre de 2020

What protections can I get in a domestic violence protective order?

A final (long-term) domestic violence protective order can:

  1. Order the abuser not to commit or threaten to commit domestic violence, stalking, or harassment; (Note: This protection can remain in effect longer than 1 year - until “further order of the court”);
  2. Order the abuser not to call, contact, or communicate with you in any way, directly or indirectly;
  3. Give you the sole possession and use of your house, vehicle, pet, and other personal items, even if the abuser’s name is on the rental agreement or s/he has some type of ownership interest in the residence, vehicle or pet;
  4. Exclude (remove) the abuser from your shared home, regardless of ownership of the home, and/or order the abuser to stay away from your house, school or work or any other specified place;
  5. Order the abuser not to get into a vehicle that you possess or that you are in;
  6. Request that a peace officer go with you to your house to make sure that you get possession of your house, vehicle or personal items;
  7. Prohibit the abuser from taking controlled substances (drugs);
  8. Anything else the court determines is needed to protect you or your household members from further violence;
  9. Award you temporary custody of your children and arrange for visitation if you and the child would be safe;
  10. Require the abuser to pay child support, spousal support, and support for the care of a pet in your possession;
  11. Order the abuser not to have or use a deadly weapon or firearm and to surrender his/her firearms if the court finds that the abuser had or used a weapon during the domestic violence;
  12. Order the abuser to go to alcohol or drug treatment and/or a batterers intervention program at his/her expense;
  13. Require the abuser to pay you back for medical expenses, counseling, shelter stay, and repair or replacement of damaged property; and/or
  14. Require the abuser to pay for costs and fees in obtaining the protective order.1

A temporary (20-day) domestic violence protective order can:

  • Order only the protections listed in numbers 1 through 10 above.2

An emergency (72-hour) domestic violence protective order can:

  • Order only the protections listed in numbers 1 through 8 above.3

Whether a judge orders any or all of the above depends on the specific facts of your case. It is important to let the judge know if you need additional protections that are not listed on the standard protective order form.

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