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Restraining Orders

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December 23, 2016

What is the legal definition of domestic abuse in Wyoming?

This section defines domestic abuse for the purposes of getting an order of protection.

Under WY state law, "domestic abuse" is when a member of your household does any of the following things to you:

  • physically abuses you;
  • threatens to physically abuse you;
  • attempts to cause or causes physical harm or acts which unreasonably restrain your personal liberty (i.e., forcibly holding you down);
  • puts you in fear of immediate physical harm;
  • makes you reasonably afraid that s/he is going to physically hurt you in the near future; or
  • makes you have sex or engage in sexual activity by force, threat of force or duress (pressure or coercion).*

If you are being stalked, you may qualify for an order of protection against stalking.

 * Wyoming Code 35-21-102(a)(iii)