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December 13, 2019

1154a. Agency use of designated address; law enforcement agency.

(a) If requested in person by a program participant to the person creating the record prior to the creation of the record, and upon proof of participation in the program established by this chapter, a law enforcement agency shall use the participant’s substitute address in:

(1) a summons or complaint for a violation within the jurisdiction of the judicial bureau as set forth in section 1102 of Title 4;

(2) a citation to appear under Rule 3 of the Vermont Rules of Criminal Procedure; or

(3) an accident report filed with the department of motor vehicles.

(b) Nothing in this subchapter shall prevent a law enforcement agency from requiring that a program participant provide his or her actual address upon request from the agency.

(c) A law enforcement agency may, in its discretion, use a substitute address in any record released by the agency.