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December 13, 2019

1011. Jurisdiction

(a) A court which has considered or is considering the custody or visitation of a minor child may award visitation rights to a grandparent of the child, upon written request of the grandparent filed with the court, if the court finds that to do so would be in the best interest of the child.

(b) No grandparent shall be afforded party status, but may be called as a witness by the court, and shall be subject to cross-examination by the parties.

(c) No appeal may be taken by any grandparent from the court’s decision on visitation as it pertains to any grandparent.

(d) A grandparent who has visitation rights under this section may move the court for enforcement of the court’s order in the same manner as would a party. A hearing shall be held thereon, and notice thereof shall be given to the parties pursuant to the Vermont Rules of Civil Procedure.