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December 13, 2019

1153. Certification cancellation

(a) The secretary of state may cancel a program participant’s certification if, after the passage of 14 days:

(1) from the date of changing his or her name, the program participant does not notify the secretary that he or she has obtained a name change; however, the program participant may reapply under his or her new name;

(2) from the date of changing his or her address, the program participant fails to notify the secretary of the change of address; or

(3) from the date the secretary first receives mail, forwarded to the program participant’s address, returned as nondeliverable.

(b) The secretary shall cancel certification of a program participant who applies using false information.

(c) The secretary shall send notice of cancellation to the program participant. Notice of cancellation shall set out the reasons for cancellation. The program participant shall have 30 days to appeal the cancellation decision under procedures developed by the secretary.

(d) Program participants may withdraw from the program by giving the secretary written notice of their intention. The secretary shall establish, by rule, a secure procedure for ensuring that the request for withdrawal is legitimate.