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December 28, 2021

99b. Training of police officers

(a) The Commissioner of the Virgin Islands Police Department shall establish and maintain an education and training program for police officers designed to acquaint them with:

(1) the nature, extent, and causes of domestic violence;
(2) the legal rights of and remedies available to victims of domestic violence;
(3) the services and facilities available to victims and batterers;
(4) the legal duties imposed upon police officers to make arrests and to offer protection and assistance; and
(5) techniques for handling incidents of domestic violence that minimize the likelihood of injury to the officer and promote the safety of the victim.

(b) Training shall stress the enforcement of criminal law in domestic violence cases and the use of community resources. Law enforcement agencies and community organizations shall cooperate in all aspects of the training. Representatives of shelters or other community groups shall be invited to assist in planning and presentation of training.

(c) Basic training completed by police cadets prior to permanent appointment shall include no less than twenty hours of training in responding to domestic violence cases.

(d) Advanced annual twelve-hour in-service training programs for all police officers shall include sessions on responding to domestic violence cases. The primary purpose of these sessions will be to familiarize officers with this chapter, as amended.

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