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December 2, 2019

1471. Short title and declaration of purpose

(a) This chapter may be cited as ‘The Virgin Islands Civil Procedure f or Victims of Stalking Act‘and its general purposes are to:

(1) Assure that victims of stalking are granted the maximum protection from abuse that the law can provide;

(2) Create a flexible and speedy remedy to discourage violence and harassment against individuals who are not related to the alleged perpetrator or others with whom the perpetrator has continuing contact;

(3) Expand the ability of the Virgin Islands Police Department and law enforcement officers to assist victims, to enforce the law effectively in cases of stalking, and to prevent further incidents of abuse;

(4) Develop a greater understanding within the Virgin Islands community of the incidences and causes of stalking;

(5) Facilitate equal enforcement of the criminal laws of the Territory by deterring and punishing violence against individuals who are not personally involved with the offenders; and

(6) Recognize that stalking is a serious crime that adversely affects its victims and which will no longer be excused or tolerated.

(b) This chapter must be liberally construed to protect all victims of stalking and to ensure that they receive equal access to judicial protection.