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Legal Information: Oklahoma


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Laws current as of December 8, 2023

How can the judge protect me if I have been a victim of domestic violence, stalking, or harassment from the other parent?

If the judge gives the abusive parent visitation rights even though s/he has committed domestic violence, stalking, or harassment against you, the judge can order the following safety measures:

  • a third party will pick up and drop off the child, or the exchange will take place in a protected setting;
  • supervised visitation paid for by the abusive parent;
  • the abusive parent must complete a batterer intervention program;
  • no unsupervised or overnight visitation until the abusive parent completes the batterers intervention program and a substantial period of time has passed since s/he last threatened or abused you; 
  • the abusive parent cannot have or consume alcohol or drugs (controlled substances) 24 hours before and during visitation; 
  • the abusive parent must complete a lethality/danger assessment with a qualified mental health professional; 
  • anything else that is necessary to protect you, your child, and any other household member;and
  • keeping your address confidential if you request it.2

If visitation is ordered, visitation can be terminated if:

  • the abusive parent violates the conditions for visitation;
  • your child becomes severely distressed as a result of the visitation, which can be determined by a mental health professional or a domestic violence specialist; or
  • it’s clear to the court that the abusive parent has threatened to harm you or the child or threatened to flee with the child.3

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