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Legal Information: North Dakota


March 19, 2020

What if the other parent and I have a disagreement about the terms of the parenting plan after it is in place?

If you and the other parent have a dispute or disagreement about parenting time or anything else related to your parenting plan, the court may assign you a parenting coordinator to help resolve the issues out of court. A parenting coordinator can:

  • help figure out whether there has been a violation of an existing court order and, if so, recommend further court proceedings;
  • be appointed to resolve a one-time parenting time dispute or to provide ongoing parenting time dispute resolution services; and
  • attempt to resolve parenting time disputes by helping the parents to negotiate and to encourage settlement. Note: If it becomes apparent that the dispute cannot be resolved by an agreement between the parents, the parenting coordinator will make a decision about how to resolve the dispute.1

If the other parent committed domestic violence against you or your child, you can file a written objection to a parenting coordinator being appointed at any time before s/he is appointed. After the objection is filed, either party can request a hearing. If at the hearing, the judge will decide if there is enough evidence or not to support the objection to the parenting coordinator being appointed.2

If you do not have a parenting coordinator assigned, then you can go back to court to have the judge resolve your dispute.

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