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Legal Information: North Dakota


December 28, 2023

Can the rights of a parent be restricted when it comes to accessing information and records related to the child?

Each parent has the right to:

  • access and get copies of the child’s educational, medical, dental, religious, insurance, and other records or information;
  • attend teacher or school conferences;
  • reasonable access to the child by telephone, mail, email or other electronic means.1

Each parent has the responsibility (duty) to:

  • inform the other parent as soon as reasonably possible of a serious accident or serious illness for which the child receives health care treatment, including the name of the doctor, clinic, or hospital;
  • immediately inform the other parent of telephone numbers and address, and any changes of those; and
  • keep the other parent informed of the name and address of the school the child attends.1

However, the judge can restrict or take away any right or responsibility listed above and the judge must consider any domestic violence protection orders relating to the parties when making this decision.2

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2 N.D. Cent. Code § 14-09-32(2)