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April 23, 2021

50C-5. Civil no-contact order; remedy

(a) Upon a finding that the victim has suffered unlawful conduct committed by the respondent, the court may issue temporary or permanent civil no-contact orders as authorized in this Chapter. In determining whether or not to issue a civil no-contact order, the court shall not require physical injury to the victim.

(b) The court may grant one or more of the following forms of relief in its orders under this Chapter:

(1) Order the respondent not to visit, assault, molest, or otherwise interfere with the victim.

(2) Order the respondent to cease stalking the victim, including at the victim’s workplace.

(3) Order the respondent to cease harassment of the victim.

(4) Order the respondent not to abuse or injure the victim.

(5) Order the respondent not to contact the victim by telephone, written communication, or electronic means.

(6) Order the respondent to refrain from entering or remaining present at the victim’s residence, school, place of employment, or other specified places at times when the victim is present.

(7) Order other relief deemed necessary and appropriate by the court, including assessing attorneys’ fees to either party.

(c) A civil no-contact order shall include the following notice, printed in conspicuous type: “A knowing violation of a civil no-contact order shall be punishable as contempt of court which may result in a fine or imprisonment.”