Legal Information: Maine


October 22, 2021

Can I get alimony?

Alimony (also called spousal support or maintenance) is financial support paid by or to your spouse and can be awarded when a divorce is granted. You can receive alimony if the judge finds that it is appropriate. An order allowing, denying, or changing spousal support must state:

  • the type of support awarded, if it is awarded;
  • the payment method and any terms or limitations, if support is awarded, including:
    • a limit on the increase or decrease in the amount of support;
    • a limit on any increases or decreases in the term (length) of support;
    • a limit on the method of payment of support;
    • a limit on the payment of support if you remarry; and
    • a limit on the payment of support if you move in with someone;1
  • if the support cannot be changed in the future; and
  • the factors that the judge relied upon to make her/his decision to award or deny spousal support, if the other spouse did not agree to pay support.2

1 ME ST T. 19 § 951-A(3)
2 ME ST T. 19 § 951-A(1)

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