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June 21, 2021

23-3218. Modification of child custody, residency, visitation and parenting time; examination of parties

(a) Subject to the provisions of the uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement act (K.S.A. 23-37,101 through 23-37,405, and amendments thereto), the court may change or modify any prior order of custody, residency, visitation and parenting time, when a material change of circumstances is shown, but no ex parte order shall have the effect of changing residency of a minor child from the parent who has had the sole de facto residency of the child to the other parent unless there is sworn testimony to support a showing of extraordinary circumstances. If an interlocutory order is issued ex parte, the court shall hear a motion to vacate or modify the order within 15 days of the date that a party requests a hearing whether to vacate or modify the order.

(b) The court may order physical or mental examinations of the parties if requested pursuant to K.S.A. 60-235, and amendments thereto.