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November 14, 2023

34-26-5-7 Address information

Sec. 7. A petitioner may omit the petitioner’s address from all nonconfidential documents filed with a court. However, a petitioner must provide the court with complete information concerning the protected address on the uniform statewide confidential form and on other confidential forms developed by the office of judicial administration under section 3 of this chapter. A petitioner shall also provide the clerk with a public mailing address for purposes of serving pleadings, notices, and court orders. The petitioner may use the address confidentiality program under IC 5-26.5. If disclosure of a petitioner’s address is necessary to determine jurisdiction or to consider venue, the court may order the disclosure to be made:

(1) after receiving a petitioner’s consent;

(2) orally in the judge’s chambers and out of the presence of a respondent with a sealed record made; or

(3) after a hearing in which the court considers the safety of a petitioner and finds that disclosure of the address is in the interest of justice.